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We have quite a few permanent residents in our foster homes that will be with us for the rest of their lives for various reasons. These cats are not cats that can be homed and so will need food, litter and vet treatment as required for the rest of their lives. Without our care they would have no future and so we are happy to look after  them in their family homes but they do cost money and money is a scarce resource as we all know.


Benji came to Leeds Cat Rescue as a 7 week old kitten who was trapped in a wood pile in a farm yard after his mum disappeared. From the start it was obvious that Benji had neurological problems and after various tests he came back positive for Toxoplasmosis which is very common but on rare occasions can effect the brain. Benji suffered from coordination problems and suffers from seizures but is a fun and happy chap that enjoys life to the full and gives a huge amount of joy to all that meet him. Benji has had treatment but sadly we don't know if the infection has been effectively treated or not and so we don't know if his condition will continue to progress or he may life a long life as he is. Whatever, we love and adore him and he'll stay with us in the LCR family.


This lovely older boy was trapped as a stray/feral with a badly broken leg. Having had the leg successfully pinned and fully recovered it was obvious that Samson was simply not cut out for indoor life, preferring to live outside. After 8-10 years, (which is what we estimate his age to be) of being a roaming, homeless un neutered male Samson is a bit set in his ways for domestic life. Normally cats like Samson are homed as stable/farm cats but this soft lad is not in the best of health so we feel happier knowing that his future will be secure under LCR care and hope that as he gets older he'll give in and come in from the cold.


Ivory came into Leeds Cat Rescue care when she was picked up with her mum and siblings at about 4 weeks old from under a hedge. Ivory had very deformed eyes and eyelids and after attempts to save her sight it was decided that to make sure she suffered no further pain it would be best to remove both eyes. This is a radical procedure but kittens adapt amazingly and Ivory was no exception, enjoying life to the full and having a perfectly normal life. 

Clive & Monica

Clive and Monica (now 6 years old) came into LCR as 9-12 week old kittens from different feral colonies. All their siblings were re homed but these two were just always to timid and highly strung. They bonded as youngsters and are just like a married couple... they bicker but adore each other and where ever you find one the other will not be far behind. Monica would have been a great stable/barn cat but we were always to worried that Clive just wasn't cut out for such a live as he isn't the brightest to be honest!! Earlier this year we did move them to another foster home just to see if there was any possibility that they could adapt to a new home but they spent 5 weeks either up a chimney or under cupboards at which point it was decided it simply wasn't fair to try any further to re home them, the stress is just to much and as they are happy in their foster home and live as part of the family with full inside/outside access they are now LCR official sponsor cats.  Both do love a fuss but are highly strung and very nervy but have lovely personalities and some very funny quirks!!!


Morris again came from a feral colony and all his siblings were rehabilitated and re homed. Morris was re homed unsuccessfully with his sibling Tippee 2 years ago but he got out and it took 3 weeks of relentless searching before thankfully we tracked him down and trapped him and he came home to his foster home. Tippee his brother was unfortunately killed in an RTA but Morris was very happy to be home. Morris lives outdoors most of the year in his heated house coming in for a stroke (only on the table) when he has his meals and when the weather gets bad he does come in the house and sleeps under a bed. He surprisingly loves a fuss on the bed and lets you brush him as long as you're horizontal!! As soon as you move he's off!! Morris is terrified of being confined and if he is locked in any room he howls in fear until a window o door is opened. Now 6 years old and living the life he chooses Morris will spend his days as an LCR sponsor cat.


Sadly we lost James to heart failure in October 2019. A beautiful boy much missed by his LCR family.

If you would like to sponsor any of the above cats (more will be added in the next few days) then a few quid a month makes a huge difference, or if you prefer you can do a one off payment of £25 for a years sponsorship. Maybe you could sponsor a Cat as a gift for a Friend or Family member, you will receive a lovely sponsor pack with a picture of your Cat and their story. This will help keep these Cats happy and healthy. We ask people to set up a standing order using the bank details below and if you could please email us on leedscatrescue@gmail.com so we can keep you updated about your sponsor cats.

Thank you. 

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