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   Our Rehoming policy

All cats and kittens re-homed by Leeds Cat Rescue will be vet checked, vaccinated, neutered, treated for fleas and worms, and microchipped. If a kitten is too young to be neutered prior to re-homing, arrangements will be made for the new owners to return to the LCR vet for neutering (inclusive of or adoption fee). All cats and kittens will have been checked by a vet prior to re-homing.

For safety reasons, we do not home on or near busy roads although all potential homes will be checked and assessed  on an individual basis. We also will not re home near schools where school runs create increase in traffic volumes, neither on major bus routes or cut throughs. All addresses are checked for safety and suitability. 

The cats and kittens are seen by appointment at one of our foster homes in  Harewood, Roundhay, Adel, Thorner, Harrogate, Moortown, Boston Spa,Whinmoor and Wetherby. Should you choose to adopt one of the cats or kittens, it will be delivered to your home when you are ready to receive it.

In the majority of cases Leeds Cat Rescue is unable to re home its cats and kittens to homes that are rented.

Occasionally indoor cats are available but the majority of our cats will require access to a garden.

While most people seem to want to adopt kittens, it is well worth considering homing an older cat if their personality matches what you are looking for. Not all cats want to sit on knees and be cuddled and it is always difficult to predict how even the friendliest kitten will turn out when grown up. Almost 100% of our cats and kittens are fostered in homes rather than pens or kennels, therefore we are able to say how they behave in a home and how friendly or timid they are. A friendly and affectionate older cat is unlikely to become timid and aloof if in a loving environment, although they always have the potential to become more affectionate when in a new and secure home. Therefore if you want a knee cat, one that likes other cats, dogs, children etc you may be more sure of getting the right cat for you if you have a cat aged more than 6 months. Although they may not be little and cute anymore, they can still be cute and still need a secure and loving home, especially if they have been mistreated or abandoned.





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