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 Kittens will not be homed before they are 9 weeks old. All kittens will have started their vaccinations and if the course is not complete, will need to come back to our vets for the 2nd injections. All kittens will be vaccinated and micro chipped and neutering will be arranged via our vets when the kittens are 3-4 months of age.

Page last updated November 13th 2019

Kern & Horace - 3 Months old

This is an unrelated bonded pair of boys. Horace came into Leeds Cat Rescue as an unwanted litter as part of our LCN scheme and mum was spayed free of charge and returned to her owners. Horace is a very tactile and friendly little fella who loves nothing more than a knee and a cuddle. Kern came into care with his siblings and mum. Mum, Lindy was stray that had given birth in a back yard and came to us when the kittens were about 3-4 weeks old. Kern is not as brave or trusting as Horace but is coming along nicely and will with bit of patience blossom into a wonderful boy. Suited to an adult home or a home with kids 12+ to allow Kern to come out of his shell.

Autumn & Meryl - 3 Months old

This beautiful pair of sisters came into Leeds Cat Rescue care with their stray mum from outside in a yard at 3-4 weeks of age. Meryl is the more outgoing of the pair and is happy with her human fosterers, enjoying attention and fuss. Autumn is slightly behind her sister in her boldness but is coming along nicely and willl continue to thrive in a loving and secure home. Suited to an adult only or home with kids over 12+

Harry & Harriet - available soon

Alfie & Ada - 5 1/2 Months old

This lovely brother and sister pair came into Leeds Cat Rescue via our Low Cost Neutering scheme, so mum was spayed for free and the kittens came into our care to guarantee their best interests were met.

A very sweet pair with lots of fun t be had and suited to most loving and attentive homes.

George & Niles - 7 Months old

This very lovely non related bonded pair of boys came into Leeds Cat Rescue at different times but bonded quickly. George was taken into a local vets with the story he had been found as a stray in stormy weather. Niles turned up in a garden with his mum and had obviously been born outside.

Both boys took a while to learn to trust people but once they realised that humans can be nice they came on leaps and bounds. Both initially shy but soon won around with treats and a few kind words.

These boys will be a fantastic addition to any secure and loving home with just a little bit of time and patience to offer to allow them to find their paws. In return you will be rewarded with a pair of lovable, boisterous and generally adorable boys.