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Posted by Sophie Todd on 18/06/2020   Email

We are forever grateful for our lovely Otis and Luna (formerly Pablo and Dipsy) who we adopted in 2018. They are so loved and live happily in the countryside and are so spoilt. Thanks for all you do. Sophie, Oliver, Otis and Luna x

Posted by Susan Payne on 12/10/2016

Thank you for Leia and Chewie. They've settled in wonderfully after a month. Here's a few pictures of contented kittys. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMJi_pSf7HIA62F5jc7wrk-Q24KxDueG12hpUPLH8Pg9Qh5fNBl8cYIM2tkq2NDRw?key=UlZvMVkxRmw1Wnd5UkhMOEc1VkFlWjd1Wk1YMlJB

Posted by Claire Lister on 15/09/2016

Just wanted to say a massive Thankyou to Vanessa and everyone at Leeds Cat Rescue. We adopted Ruby and Lily back in May when they were ten weeks old. They developed a sickness bug within the first few days and Vanessa was so helpful and took them to her own home for a week to give them constant supervision. Since then she has always been on hand to answer any questions I had from feeding advice to outdoor access. The cats are both gorgeous and are truly happy. Affectionate, mischeivious and very funny little cats. I will be recommending LCR to anyone I know looking for a cat or kitten.

Posted by Adele Bonshor on 14/05/2016

Thank you to your amazing volunteer, Vivian and her daughter Ella. They had a long drive into the Peak District to bring George the very adorable bkack and white boy. True dedication to animals driving all this way. George will be loved and cared for. Please check for regular updates on his progress. Many thanks Darren and Adele

Posted by Kay Jones on 17/04/2016   Email

Just an update on Cilla who we adopted only 3 days ago ! she is settling in slowly, she kept herself to herself initially, hiding under a chair in the bedroom, but has slowly started coming to us for strokes & cuddles, surprisingly every morning I have woke up to find Cilla on our bed ! we love her already, absolutely worth the effort. As I said very early days. Will update with further news in a few weeks. I would however like to say a massive thank you to Heather for looking after Cilla for so long, you did a brilliant job ..Cilla is beautiful and has obviously been loved and well cared for.

Posted by julie dixon on 03/04/2016   Email

Just wanted to say thankyou to LCR for the superb job they do. We adopted George and Lacey at 10 weeks old and they are now nearly 18 months old and are just the best. Its so rewarding getting rescue cats knowing what might have been if people like the LCR weren't there to do an amazing job. Ive said it before but George and Lacey are a pleasure to have. George is the softest boy who likes to follow me everywhere i go and always rolls on his back to show everyone his belly. Lacey loves exploring outside and often brings home little presents and is very proud of herself for doing it lol. Once again thankyou for bringing these beautiful animals into our lives. X

Posted by Keith Pitt on 01/03/2016

Just a little update on Jethro and Joshua, who I adopted in the Autumn of last year. These two brothers have settled in really well. Jeth is the home-bird, rarely venturing too far from the front garden. Josh is the little adventurer, and frequently brings little 'gifts' home. I've lost count of the number of mice, and occasional small bird, and even a wild rabbit! Thanks Josh. They've just started to venture onto the bed with me at night, and this month has seen a dramatic change in their personalities. Both very affectionate, and enjoy lots of attention. 2 very happy boys, 3 if you include me.

Posted by Julie Heaton-Harbun on 13/02/2016

We adopted our two beautiful boys five weeks ago. Tommy and jonesy ( formally prince and Charlie) are the most adorable and loving cats you could wish to meet. The cats were 10 months old when they came to us, an age which was perfect for us. They were confident, litter tried and happy to be in a busy home, I would highly recommend getting an older cat. Our cars came from a very caring and devoted foster family who had loved and cared for them as much as we do now. Thanks for the brilliant work done by all at LCR X x

Posted by Julie Dixon on 15/04/2015   Email

We adopted Gearge and Lacey in We adopted George and Lacey last December from LCR. They are now 6 months old and are absolutly beautiful. From the moment these 2 little kittens came through our front door they have made us laugh and given us nothing but pleasure. I would just like to thank LCR for giving us 2 lovely confident and well adjusted kitttens, your doing a great job. easure. They are the most confident and well adjusted cats

Posted by Rebecca on 01/04/2015   Email

Just want to say a big thank you to leeds cat recuse, for all your help collecting and dropping my cat back home plus neutering her aswell.

Posted by Sarah on 29/01/2015

I wanted to thank Leeds Cat Rescue for helping me help a lovely stray I found in my street. They collected him and neutered him and now I am working on re-homing him (mostly trying to persuade my parents to keep him so I can see him!) Sent my donation and will update on his re-homing progress.

Posted by Jenny Stewart on 30/12/2014

We have now adopted two black cats from LCR. Susie born to feral mum and very timid when we got her has been with us six years. Our latest Katy is beautiful semi long haired and very laid back. She and Susie are firm friends. Many thanks to Vanessa for giving valuable advice when needed after the adoption process. All the LCR volunteers work very hard with often very difficult cases.

Posted by adele watiez on 27/12/2014

We have just adopted the most adorable, loving and amazing kittens one could ever wish to have. totally one of the best things weve done. Love them to bits and the whole adoption process was fantastic. Thank you lovely people at LCR

Posted by Rima on 03/10/2014   Email

Just want to say a massive thank you to Leeds Cat Rescue. Especially volunteers Rahana & Vanessa. I don't know what i would've done without you. They kindly collected the 3 kittens my neighbour had neglected and neutered them cared for them and brought them back. You have been ever so helpful and lovely throughout the past few days. Thanks again and keep up the excellent and noble work!!

Posted by sara bowery on 13/09/2014   Email

we have taken on 3 beautiful cheeky kittens,bubble,squeak & eric. They are full of life and keep us all entertained.Thanks LCR.

Posted by Jan Cordingley on 14/05/2014

We have recently adopted a beautiful little cat called Floss. She is lovely and sweet, still very timid but each day coming out of her shell more. Thanks to LCR the adoption process was very smooth. We are so happy to have found Floss she will have a lovely safe home with us with lots of fuss and attention. Thanks LCR

Posted by Laura Dixon on 20/03/2014

Just wanted to say a big thank you again to leeds cat rescue. Following the sad loss of my uncles cat sooty who he got from Leeds cat rescue over ten years ago he is now the proud father of Jess. She has settled in unbelievably well into her new home and is so affectionate and loving. Would encourage anyone who loves cats to give one of the many on this website a loving safe home. The rewards are amazing. Both myself and my parents have also rescued our cats from Leeds cat rescue and it's the best thing we've ever done.

Posted by Geoff Widdop on 09/01/2014

Hello, I would just like to say a massive thank you to cat rescue for the new addition to our family, Ava is so sweet and adorable and I'm sure she's going to be in charge! Keep up the excellent and very noble work.

Posted by Tracey on 20/10/2013

Just wanted to say pet rescue you do a great job! I took Ivy 3 weeks ago. She is a very timid cat but so loving and sweet. She is settling in well. A few more weeks and I will see if she would like a little venture outside!! thanks

Posted by Kelly on 08/08/2013

I would like to say a huge thank you to Vanessa at LCR for helping us find our wonderful cat Nayla. She helped us to find the cat that would suit our young family, and then we met Liz. Liz was the foster carer for Nayla an her very cute kittens. I have to say that she was completely wonderful! She spent so much of her time talking to us about Nayla, and sharing her expertise. Her help and advice was priceless, and the time and patience she gave us was fabulous! She had done a wonderful job of looking after Nayla, who has now become a perfect addition to our family! Thank you Liz and Vanessa, Nayla has made us truly happy!!

Posted by Sue Edwards on 02/06/2013   Email

As a thanks for the offer of the Newcastle kitten space, that wasn't needed in the end. A small donation off your Amazon wish-list.

Posted by Michelle Rickman on 08/02/2013   Email

Sending Rufus a speedy recovery and hopes soon he finds a forever loving home to be spoilt rotten foreverer

Posted by diane fletcher on 29/10/2012

Just to say a very big thank you to all at Leeds cat rescue, especially Linda who has been amazing helping us with hints and tips for Bouncer (now Rafferty). We changed his name initially to give him a new start and he has never looked back. Since rafferty arrived our house has become a home again, after losing Sammy our cat two years ago. We adore him and he has taken over the house and constantly entertains us. We cannot thank Leeds rescue enough and would recommend them to anyone when looking for a cat/kitten.

Posted by Sue Prince on 27/06/2012   Email

I've just noticed Poppy and Barney on your site and would just like to say to anyone...don't be worried about adopting a blind kitten. I adopted two rescue kittens (brother and sister) when they were 7 months old. The boy cat, Spencer, is sighted but Sammie,the little girl is blind. It is absolutely amazing how she copes. People who visit us cannot believe she is blind at all because she behaves exactly like any other cat. Once she settled in here....which honestly only took a couple of days, she could find her way around the house easily. She could run up and down stairs and find doorways, food, litterbox, comfy chairs ,beds to sleep on with ease. To be honest, we never think of her as blind now!! We are fortunate that we live in a rural location with no through traffic so Sammie does go outside (only if I'm at home though) and she has a mental map of everything in our garden as well the house and loves the outdoors. She climbs trees catches insects and chases her brother everywhere.

Posted by shaana on 29/05/2012

I love your kittens

Posted by Susan connolly on 24/04/2012   Email

Liz just wanted to let all leeds cat rescue and especially you liz, know how grateful i am. You've been amazing with my cats that i had to give up, treated them like they were your own, loved them and let me know how things were progressing. You will never know how grateful i am, and im sure the cats and kits are grateful too. You are truly a wonderful group of people who love and care for all the cats that end up in your care. I dread to think what would have happened if i wouldn't have found your website. All the others i tried either their phone lines were dead or no email reply. I rang your organisation and within 1 hour received a reply and the cats were collected. So once again thankyou i will never forget the help you gave me, just on the basis of not wanting any harm to go to your Feline Friends, you amazing, group of people and cat lovers thankyou.

Posted by Pam & Phil on 16/04/2012

Recently we have adopted Merry from Leeds Cat Rescue, she is a delight ! she has had a hard life in her short 3 years, but was one of the lucky ones to be rescued, just wanted to say a huge thank you to all at Leeds Cat Rescue, Merry was understandable nervous, but with the help of her foster Mum and now finding her forever home she is finding her feet and her voice ! she loves hugs and she gets lots of them ! we love her ! Thank you x

Posted by Susan connolly on 06/04/2012

Recently i had to call on leeds cat rescue to come and take my babys into foster care for re homing due to me suffering domestic violence. When the lady came to take my cats she was lovely, she contacted me to let me know where they had been placed, liz one of the foster carers has kept me upto date with everything even telling me when my two kittens had been adopted. After reading the re homing policy i knew i had done the right thing. I know that in leeds there are very few if any cat rescue organisations so leeds cat rescue are under pressure, i think what they do is remarkable and they have basically helped me to get away from my abuser knowing my cats were gonna be ok. So i just wanna say a big big thankyou to you all your doing a wonderful thing and if it wasn.t for your organisation i would still be stuck in a nightmare thankyou leeds act rescue from the bottom of my heart.

Posted by Marie on 12/03/2012

Zoe (was Tango) came to live with us in December and has settled well into our home. She loves exploring in the woodland at the back of the house and we often see her sitting in the trees looking at birds and squirrels.Zoe is such a sweet girl and she has made our family complete. My sons aged 21 and 17 think their new sister is adorable and we cannot imagine our family without Zoe. A big thank you to all at Leeds Cat Rescue, and especially Zoe's foster Mum Sharon, who cared for her until she joined our family.

Posted by Stephanie on 31/12/2011

We had our beautiful cat Millie(was Thomasina) from Leeds Cat Rescue 3 years ago when she was 1 year old. She has been a real pleasure and gives us a lot of affection. She loves the outdoors during the day and my bed at night! I am so grateful For LCR for all the work Linda and helpers do to finding homes for the cats. Well done and Happy new Year

Posted by Kirstie on 10/12/2011

I adopted Boo (nee Lucy) from Leeds Cat Rescue about 8 years ago. She was tiny - and completely feral. The road has been long and hard, but Boo is the best thing I have done. She such an amazing, beautiful, loving, demanding, somewhat insane member of the family. I can't be without her, and even better - she can't be without me! Thank you for introducing me to her :)If you know anyone with feral cat adoption issues I am more than happy to talk through my experiences and help anyone new to the most rewarding game on earth :)

Posted by Sue and Sef on 14/09/2011   Email

I just wanted to say a quick thank you. We were recently in contact with yourselves about adopting a male kitten to have alongside our all black female 5month old kitten. We eventually got a kitten from another source but I felt your efforts should not go unnoticed. Everyone I spoke to over the phone or met with were fantastic and gave us so much time. We never felt pressurised to take a kitten from anyone. I was also given lots of general good advice about looking after kittens. A big thank you to you all. You are doing a great job. Bless you all.

Posted by Jackie and Josh on 17/08/2011

We got our kittens from Vanessa in July and they have settled in very well. They were called Bubble and Squeak when we got them and have renamed them Tiger and Lily. They are such cuties and Tiger loves to have cuddles, often charging across the room to get them. Vanessa was really helpful with Lilys eye infection which cleared up in a matter of days. Massive thanks to Vanessa for all her help. We will keep in touch, Jackie and Josh

Posted by KAREN CHILES on 24/07/2011   Email

Thanks to Leeds Cat resue for Smudge and Lamb they have settled in very nicely after only one week they are still hiding but we know they will get better every day. Many thanks to Linda and Vanessa for all the support you gave us and a big thanks to Sharon for looking after them for such a long time! Will be in touch Karen and Ian

Posted by Dring family on 26/06/2011

Thanks to Linda and Catherine for all their hard work. Their both one in a million for what they do! My parents now have the pleasure of a beautiful little tortishell called Vanessa. The poor little thing was a nervous wreck by her past awful experiences but is now starting to blossom And has the loudest purr. We are so glad we have her and give her the life she deserves. She is now a very loved and spoilt young lady!! Catherine thanks for your time you invested in her it's paid off. It's been nearly a year since I Got my cat from Linda and the progress she has made is unbelievable. Would recommend anyone rescuing a cat as it's so rewarding.

Posted by Catherine foster mum on 10/06/2011   Email

Cassie and JoJo have been rehomed today and it was sad to see my first foster cats leave. The bright side is they have gone to a caring family with a little girl who will get hours of pleasure out of them Im sure. Bonvoyage.

Posted by Anthony Flaherty on 18/02/2011   Email

Thank you for our lovely cats, Orla and Pete. After a shy few weeks they are now ruling the roost and doing a good job of wrecking the house! They are both adorable and ,gladly, very happy in their new home.

Posted by Jessica Cumming on 18/02/2011

Thank you so much for the two black and white kittens we adopted from you (Archie and Pumpkin). They are the most friendly and loving boys and bring great happiness to our lives. We love them very much and so do our neighbours! I only wish I had enough room to re home more !!

Posted by Amanda Johnson on 26/11/2010   Email

I would just like to say that the two kittens we adopted from you have turned out to be the most fantatic animals. They are completely adorable and wonderful personalities and have settled in with our three older cats pretty well. We just want to thank the passer-by who heard their calls and you, Leeds Cat Rescue for taking them in. It's just heartbreaking to think that not all animals who start out life like they did,in this case thrown away like trash, are rescued because they bring so much love and pleasure to our home. Thanks agaan, xxx.

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