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All Leeds Cat Rescue cats over 6 months of age will be vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms, micro chipped and neutered inclusive of our adoption fee. All our cats and kittens are kept in private foster homes and treated as family pets until rehomed so that we can get to know the personality of each and every one of them. This means that we can best match the cat to the new owner and their family home
Page last updated on November 13th 2019

Nell - 20 Months old

Nell has been with Leeds Cat Rescue since she was just 7 weeks old when she came in with her brother as part of our LCN scheme. Due to very sluggish gut motility as a kitten she hasn't been put up for homing until she was a fully grown adult and we knew that she wouldn't have any long-term troubles with her early kitten hood issues.

Nell is a truly wonderful girl that loves attention, loves a knee and generally just loves life. She enjoys life outside in the garden catching butterflies and insects and is no lover of the cold or rain preferring a knee or nice warm bed to curl up on. Nell lives with other cats currently so could integrate into a home with cats and is generally just a very simple little cat with few demands apart from a loving, affectionate and stable home.

Peter - 1 Year old

Pete is a really lovely young cat who although abit timid with strangers is soon won over with strokes and fuss. Pete is a very mild mannered young man who likes the simple life and just being in a loving home. Pete is very fond of other cats and likes hanging about with his foster brothers so ideally will be homed with another suitable LCR cat as a pair or into a home with friendly cats that he can bond with. Pete likes to play outside in the garden and has a talent for frog collecting from the local ponds but we choose to see that as a quirk!! A really lovely young cat with lots to give to a loving and secure new home.

Suited to a quite and more relaxed home without young kids would be ideal, he is also dog friendly.

GiGi - 3 Years old

The very gorgeous GiGi came into Leeds Cat Rescue with multiple cats from the same, very chaotic and noisy home which has had quite an impact on this little lady. Gigi took a long time to build up her confidence in her foster home and is still a bit jumpy but is a very sweet, affectionate and friendly little cat that just wants a quite life. She will thrive in a quite adult only home with people that can offer her the love and security that she has so lacked until she came into LCR care.

Dorothy - 2 Years 

Dorothy came into Leeds Cat Rescue care as a heavily pregnant stray that was fed with a number of other strays by an old lady. Dorothy is now kitten free and needing a loving home of her own after life on the streets. She is a very sweet natured little cat, loves fuss and attention and of cause a knee at times. She is initially shy of strangers but this is short lived and she'll soon bond and be a great companion or addition to most loving homes.

Winnie - 2 Years old

Winnie needs a very patient and special home as she has had a very traumatic start in life. Winnie was removed by Leeds Cat Rescue with 10 other cats from the home of a breeder of British Short Hairs. Winnie had had little human contact when she came in and was obviously a submissive young cat struggling in a house with so many other cats. She is combining on nicely and does enjoy strokes and play time but she needs an experienced home with plenty of time and patience where she can gain confidence at her own pace. She will settle with other cats if they're friendly and will allow her to blossom. A special little cat that deserves a loving home.

Gerald - 3 Years old

Gerald is a big soft lad who came into Leeds Cat Rescue from a vets where he had been dropped off as a stray cat living in a a garden. Gerald has obviously had a very rough start in life as he was terrified when he came in and has taken a while to put his trust in people. 

He loves strokes, sitting with his foster mum on the sofa and of cause sleeping on the bed at night. He loves tummy tickles and head butts and follows his foster mum about the house telling her what he needs and patting her on the shoulder if he wants more attention.

Gerald maybe a big lad but he'll still run for cover at the sound of the post or bin men or even when a stranger come to the house!! Despite his cowardly ways he loves to play and generally just have an easy life.

Suited to a quite home with no kids or other big scary cats or animals Gerald will be a fantastic companion at for anybody who just wants a feline friend to chum about with.


Firefly - 18 Months old

Firefly came into Leeds Cat Rescue with her sister Penelope below. There owner had sadly passed a few months previously and they had been left in the home alone being fed by a relative once a day so were rather stressed when they came into us. On top of that Firefly had a litter of 3 surviving week old kittens when she came to us.

Since coming into care she her personality has shone through and she has proved to be a super sweet and affectionate little cat just like her sister and will be a wonderful addition to most loving and secure homes where she can get all the love and attention that she needs.

Penelope - 18 Months old

Penelope as you maybe able to tell is Fireflies sister and came into Leeds Cat Rescue care with her sister and was very heavily pregnant at the time. She gave birth to 6 kittens, sadly of which we lost 3 in the first few days.

Penelope like her sister is a wonderfully sweet and affectionate little cat that just needs a secure and loving home.

Poppy - 18 Months old

Poppy came into Leeds Cat Rescue via another rescuer . She had two week old babies in tow and is a super super sweet little cat with a cheeky and fun streak. Ideally suited to a busy home with its going on for her to get involved with and just a really nice girl. She's not been tested with other cats but we'll update when we have done this but currently we'll say best as an only cat but other than that she's a straight forward and simple girl.

Lindy - 18 Months old

Lindy came into Leeds Cat Rescue with initially 2 kittens and then  third was found the following day. Lindy was a know stray who was heavily pregnant and repaired in the feeders garden with 2 week old kittens. We took mum and kittens in and the next day the feeder found a third a few houses away which was reunited with her. We know that she has had at least one previous litter on the streets but the feeder thinks they dies or were killed which may explain her dislike of other cats.

Lindy has had a traumatic past but is very loyal and sweet natured, sleeping on her foster mums bed and loving a quite life with lots of human companionship. Her ideal home is a child free, relaxed and quite home. She's a great companion cat and lovely company for anybody that just wants a simple cat wit simple needs. 

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