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Our Adoption Fee

Leeds Cat Rescue has an £95 per cat/kitten adoption fee which includes, vaccinations, vet checks, fleaing, worming, micro chipping and neutering.

In the rare event that a cat or kitten has to be returned to LCR care the adoption fee is not normally refundable.

If you were to pick up a kitten from a pet shop or gumtree for instance as a responsible cat owner you would have to do everything we cover in our adoption fee. Done at a private vet the breakdown would look something like this.

Vaccinations - £35-£55
Fleaing/worming - £10
Micro chipping - £20-£30
Neutering - £45-75
Vet check - £30-£40

Minimum outlay £140. This is the minimum that you should do for your new family member and corners should never be cut.

Which ever way you look at it £95 all in is a pretty good we think and no it does not cover our costs, we have to find the shortfall. May of our cats and kittens need additional treatment for minor ailments but it all adds up and even better you get the additional support after you have homed your new cat if you have any queries or concerns.

I may as well go to a pet shop if I have to pay?
Morally the worst thing you can do. Yes pet shops may have to have a licence to sell live animals but they can get them from were ever they want. Generally they will have a ready supply from people that can make a quick quid from letting their poor cat keep going out and getting pregnant by any old tom. Buying from a pet shop just promotes bad ownership. The easier it is for people to get rid of litters of kittens the more they will do it. Pet shops will take kittens far too young to leave their mums and many are in terrible condition. Its all about the profit. No checks as to suitably of where the kitten ends up will be done and most certainly no care if the kitten is neutered at the correct age.

There are hundreds of rescue cats,why aren't they free?
Cats should never be free! Cats like all animals take commitment, time and money and unfortunately if people are not in a financially stable situation they should never take on a cat or any animal. If an animal gets sick or injured which it inevitably will do at some time, vets bills are not cheap...... If people can't afford an adoption fee then they most certainly cannot afford to maintain a cat to its most basic levels!!

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