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        Helping cats and kittens in distress
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Leeds Cat Rescue is a 'non profit voluntary organisation' which means we have chosen not to register the charity. We have made this decision as we are good at what we do as we are. We may not be a registered charity however we are completely transparent and accountable. Leeds Cat Rescue is run by a group of cat loving volunteers who work, have families and lead generally busy lives but still find the time to rescue, rehabilitate and do whatever we can for the lost, neglected and forgotten cats and kittens of West Yorkshire and surrounding areas.

What can you get for a fiver nowadays?
If you can can afford a fiver a month which is guaranteed to going to helping the cats and kittens of Leeds and NOT to admin and wages then please set up a standing order now. If we can pursued just 300 of you to part with £5 a month then we can do even more. You won't get pens, or a newsletter for you generosity but you will get a promise from us that we will push even harder to help as many cats that we possibly can. Our bank details are below in hope that some of you cat lovers will take us up on our offer.

Leeds Cat Rescue
S/c - 40 46 21
Acct No - 01471880

Please visit our Facebook page for all of the latest information and news about Leeds Cat Rescue, on here you will also find our Paypal donation
button at the top of the page.
If you would like to make a donation of any amount this may be an easy way to donate, we are very grateful for every penny and all of the money goes straight to helping the Cats and Kittens of West Yorkshire and surrounding areas.

If you would like to help support Leeds Cat Rescue, there are many different ways, please see our
'How you can help' tab on the left of the home page.
Thank you.

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